Appliance Service of Lexington KY Can Take Care of Your Appliances

When your home appliances break down, it can be frustrating. Fortunately, the appliance repair experts at Appliance Service of Lexington KY can take care of your problems. From a broken refrigerator to a malfunctioning dishwasher, they can handle everything! Read on to learn about their services and how they can help.

Refrigerator Repair

If your refrigerator isn’t cooling, it may be time to call in a professional. Appliance Service of Lexington KY is your local expert in the field, and we’re always happy to help.

One of the most common causes of refrigerators not cooling is a faulty thermostat. This can be fixed easily by adjusting the temperature setting.

Another reason a fridge isn’t cold enough is if the condenser coils are dirty and damaged. Cleaning them can often solve the issue, but it’s also possible that you’ll need a technician to repair your coils.

If your refrigerator is making noises, it’s a sign that the fan motor isn’t working properly. A rattling fan isn’t uncommon, especially for older units, so try removing the grille on the bottom of the unit and using a household or shop vacuum to clean around the coils.

Dishwasher Repair

Whether you’re in the market for a new dishwasher or you want to get your current one working again, Appliance Service of Lexington KY is the name you can trust. Their highly trained team can make your kitchen run more smoothly. They also offer a variety of maintenance and repair services for your favorite appliances including washers, dryers and more.

While no appliance is without flaws or repairs, a well done job by the pros can save you time and money down the road. Call today to schedule your appointment. They’ll even give you a free quote! You won’t find a better team of experts to handle your appliance needs in Lexington. Their staff can tackle your most complex home appliance issues from the simplest to the most involved. You can also expect a friendly and knowledgeable team who will take the stress out of your home or business. They are a certified member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating and are proud to be a part of the Lexington community for over 25 years.

Dryer Repair

Dryers are a great option for homes that need to dry clothes quickly and efficiently. But when they break down, it can be a hassle.

That’s why Appliance Service of Lexington KY offers reliable dryer repair services to get your unit back in working order. We’ll diagnose the problem and give you an exact quote for the necessary repairs.

Whether you need help with a gas or electric dryer, we’ve got the expertise and tools to handle it. Our technicians are trained to work on all major brands, including Whirlpool, Kenmore, Samsung, Electrolux and Panasonic.

If your dryer makes a thumping or rumbling noise, it’s likely that the drum support rollers are worn out. If that’s the case, they should be replaced. To do that, you need to disassemble the machine. You can find detailed instructions in your owner’s manual or on the manufacturer website.

Oven Repair

Most homeowners will agree that a broken refrigerator, dishwasher or dryer is a bummer and not a fun way to spend a Friday night. Not to mention, it can be a costly chore for those on a budget. Fortunately, the pros at Appliance Service of Lexington KY can take care of the problem for you. In addition to our exemplary customer service, we have a staff of highly trained technicians who know their stuff when it comes to home appliance maintenance and repair. With a no-nonsense approach to the most basic of requests, you can get your kitchen back in tip top shape in no time.

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