Bomb Max Mint Ice Disposable Vape Flavors

The Bomb Max Mint Ice is a premium disposable vape pen that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Its blend of mint and menthol delivers a smooth and refreshing hit that will leave you wanting more.

This device is easy to use and delivers a quality hit at an affordable price. It is also incredibly durable and will last you for days on end without needing to be recharged.


The Bomb Max Mint Ice is a high-quality disposable vape that offers an excellent value for your money. Its powerful 1200mAh battery delivers a satisfyingly thick and flavorful vapor, making it one of the best disposable vape pens on the market.

The device is easy to use and requires no refilling or charging, making it perfect for anyone looking to enjoy a hassle-free vaping experience. The device is also incredibly lightweight and compact, making it easy to take with you on the go.

The Bomb Max Mint Ice flavor is a perfect blend of mint and menthol that creates a cool, invigorating hit. This is the ideal flavor for hot summer days or as a pick-me-up after a long day at work. It’s also safe to use, as it only contains 5% nicotine. This low dosage makes it a great choice for those who are trying to kick the smoking habit. It also comes in a variety of flavors, so you’re sure to find the right one for your taste buds.


Bomb Max Mint Ice is a classic mint flavor with a refreshing touch of menthol. It delivers a smooth and satisfying hit that will make you want to vape more often.

Its 1200mAh built-in battery is more than enough to power the device for days on end, so you can enjoy a long-lasting vaping experience. It also comes with a sleek and elegant design that makes it easy to carry around in your pocket or purse.

Its 6.5ml pre-filled e-liquid ensures that you get an explosive experience every time you use it. The 5% nicotine content will provide you with the much-needed rush to help you kick the habit of smoking cigarettes.

Battery life

The Bomb Max Mint Ice is a high-quality disposable vape that offers excellent value for your money. It features a powerful 1200mAh battery that delivers up to 2800 puffs, making it a perfect choice for any vaper who wants an efficient and durable device that will last them for days on end. Its flavor profile is exceptional as well, with the perfect combination of mint and menthol that gives the vapor a cool and refreshing feel. It’s also very easy to use and incredibly convenient, so you can enjoy a quick vaping session whenever you want without any hassle.

When your Bomb Max runs out of e-liquid or battery power, it will blink in order to let you know that it’s time for a new one. So, don’t wait until it stops working before getting a replacement. The best way to ensure you’re getting the most out of your disposable vape is to get a refillable pod from us here at VaporFi.


Overall, the Bomb Max Mint Ice is a great choice for vapers who are looking for an easy to use device that delivers a smooth and refreshing experience. The disposable vape also has a large 1200mAh battery that can deliver more than 2800 puffs, making it one of the most efficient disposable vapes on the market today. The device also has a number of other features that make it the standout of the pack, including a sleek and stylish design and an incredibly slick e-liquid filling system. Lastly, the disposable vape’s 1200mAh battery can be recharged via USB, which is a nice feature that many competing devices lack.

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