Elf Bar Pod King Mixed Berries Disposable Vape Pen

Elf Bar Pod King Mixed Berries Disposable Vape Pen

Elf Bar Pod King Mixed Berries Flavors is the perfect choice for vapers who don’t want to commit to a larger device. This cigalike disposable is rechargeable and offers a 5000 puff capacity.

It comes with a 650 mAh battery, mesh coil and 13.5 ml reservoir. The Pod King Elf Bar also has an anti-counterfeit scratch off sticker, which helps to protect consumers from counterfeit devices.


A fruity tropical blend of strawberry, dragon fruit, and mango in a compact and easy to use device. This device was created by Elf Bar in collaboration with Pod King juices.

It is a draw-activated device that does not require any buttons to operate. It is available in a range of nicotine strengths to suit your vaping needs.

This device is ideal for new vapers who want a simple and convenient way to experience the joy of vaping. It has a long-lasting battery and comes with a pre-filled pod of your choice of Pod King salt-nicotine E-Liquid. Once the device runs out of e-liquid or the battery dies, you simply dispose of it and replace it with another pod.


The Pod King Elf Bar is a compact, portable, and convenient device that provides an impressive number of puffs for its price. It is draw-activated and is compatible with prefilled Pod King salt nicotine pods. It is available in multiple nicotene strengths, so you can find the one that works best for you.

For tropical vape flavors, look no further than the Elf Bar Pod King. Enjoy the sweet and sour taste of pineapple with a hint of earthy coconut flavor. This rechargeable disposable Elf Bar also offers a unique combination of flavors that is hard to come by.


The Pod King Elf Bar is a convenient disposable vaping device that is suitable for experienced or inexperienced vapers. It comes with a pre-filled e-liquid and has a long battery life.

The device is easy to use and has a compact design that makes it perfect for on-the-go vaping. It uses a high-quality heating element to ensure that each puff is smooth and consistent.

It can be used with both regular and nicotine salt e-liquids. It is available in a range of flavors and nicotine strengths. The Pod King Elf Bar is an excellent choice for those who want to try out a new flavor or want a quick and convenient way to vape.


Pod King has partnered with Elf Bar to produce a disposable device that is easy to use and offers a unique set of flavor options. This device is designed to be a perfect companion for people on the go, and it will help you stay refreshed all day long.

Featuring a number of different flavors, this device is ideal for vapers of all ages and experience levels. These pods offer a range of nicotine strengths, so you can find the right one for your needs.

This product features a rechargeable battery that can last for up to 5000 puffs and is easily charged via USB. It also has an anti-leak design, making it safe to use on the go.


Revel in the creamy taste of smooth ice cream blended with juicy strawberries to create this refreshing Elf Bar. It’s a mouth-watering summer-time vape that will quench your thirst and leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated with every puff!

Experience the taste of ripe red apples blended with soft peaches for a juicy and sweet fruity vape. This luscious flavour gives you a fresh and vibrant aftertaste that’s guaranteed to give your vaping experiences the perfect touch of sweetness and freshness!

Discover our top-rated elf bar flavors and order yours today. With a long-lasting battery and rechargeable pod, you can enjoy the convenience of vaping on the go without having to worry about refilling or recharging.


Pod King and Elf Bar joined forces to create this unique disposable vape device that comes with exclusive flavors from Pod King. This box-shaped device has a 650 mAh rechargeable battery and mesh coil that pursues flavor with a great hit.

It has a symphony of delectable flavors including pineapple, mixed tropical fruit and a candy sweet finish that will thrill even the most adventurous flavor seekers!

If you’re looking for a great e-cigarette in Katy, try the Elf Bar from Pod King. Vape Militia is your one-stop shop for Elf Bars and other vapor products. Set up your online account and start ordering your favorites today!


A delightfully tropical flavor that combines the sweetness of coconut with fruity undertones. This unique blend of flavors is sure to satisfy any vaper cravings for a fruity vape juice.

Pod King Elf Bar is a convenient disposable device that provides smooth and consistent vapor. This device is ideal for beginners looking to quit smoking or experienced vapers who want a portable and reliable option.

While many e-liquids combine blueberry with bakery notes to create dessert flavors, this Elf Bar flavor is more realistic and closer to the actual taste of the fruit.

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