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Whether you need to take your pet in for a routine checkup, emergency care, or surgery, you want to find the best veterinarian clinic in Seattle WA that fits your needs. Great Vet helps make this process simple with verified profiles that show you scores from all of the top review sources, so you know exactly what to look for!

Preventative Care

Preventative care helps you stay healthy, reducing your risk for serious illness. It includes screenings and vaccinations, as well as lifestyle counseling on diet and exercise.

It also includes testing for cancer and other diseases that may not have symptoms until they’re in a more advanced stage, when treatments are less effective.

Most people don’t get recommended preventive health services, but law and policy changes can make them more affordable and accessible for everyone.

The Seattle Veterinary Outreach program provides free veterinary care to low-income pets and their owners. They also offer a low-cost wellness clinic (by appointment) that’s on a sliding scale based on household income.

Emergency Care

When your pet has an emergency you need to find a vet that will take care of them immediately. They might have a broken leg or a serious illness.

The good news is that there are several emergency veterinarian clinics in Seattle WA to choose from. They are all run by highly trained veterinarians who have a passion for animal health and safety.

They might also be able to offer you a little help in finding your next pet a home. They are not all created equal, and it is important to know which one you should call first to get the most out of your visit. Besides, they might just be able to save your pet’s life! The veterinarian might even be able to recommend the best homecare options for you.


For those looking for the best of the best, a visit to Seattle’s premier veterinary facility, Rainier Veterinary Hospital should be on your must-see list. They offer a full suite of services to keep your pet happy and healthy, including cutting edge surgery, x-rays, dentistry, and acupuncture. For those of you who are a bit less fortunate, they also offer free vet visits and low cost pet boarding and grooming for those in need.

One of the most difficult tasks is sifting through the many veterinarian options available. Using the GreatVet vet review tools, you can find the most suitable veterinarian for your pet’s needs in a hurry. The best way to do this is to narrow your search by utilizing the most relevant criteria, from the best rated vets in your city to the best dog boarding facilities in town.


Dental care is an important part of the health of our patients. It can help to prevent oral diseases and conditions that may result in other systemic illnesses or disease such as heart disease, diabetes, or cancer.

Veterinary dentists are trained to perform a variety of procedures in the mouth that can improve the health of teeth and gums. They are also able to treat a wide variety of other oral disorders, which can have a major impact on overall health.

A dentist must complete a medically rigorous four-year university program to earn a dental degree (DDS or DMD). They must be licensed to practice dentistry in the state in which they graduate and pass the National Board Dental Exam.


If you need a veterinarian for your pet, it’s important to choose a location that provides the type of services you need. For example, if you own an unusual pet, such as a bird or hedgehog, you may want to look for a vet clinic that specializes in birds and exotic pets. Some locations, such as Bird and Exotic Clinic of Seattle, are specifically geared toward providing care for nontraditional animals. They offer a wide range of treatments, including grooming and acupuncture, for your pet. They also offer 24-hour emergency and urgent care. They are one of the most trusted veterinary hospitals in Seattle WA.

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